My Intuition was Right

Yes, I was right.

Today I went back to the health club to collect some things I want to take with me.

First I went for a swim. When I got out and headed for the Jacuzzi I was surprised to see Jess and Derek in there again.

When they saw me there was a little movement under the water.

I think they’d been holding hands.

Then they rather obviously made space for me and invited me to sit between them.

I wonder how it will play out. Derek will be excited to possess her at first — the incongruity of it! But will he go on being excited? And does he need what she’s offering?

After all Jess is a person likes to play people songs like Right Field by Peter Paul and Mary. How uncool can you get?

It’s actually a fun song, witty and well written.

Take a moment. Enjoy it.



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