My New Screensaver

Today I selected a new screensaver. I often choose a flower now.

I found the dayflower called Commelina with two, gorgeous, slightly translucent, azure petals shielded by two rich green, heart-shaped leaves.

It has a tiny, slender, sticky pistil that catches the pollen from the underbody of an insect and slips it down into the ovary to fertilise an egg.

Three of the five anthers, the showy ones, are sterile, cheating anthers,  to entice the fertilizing insects.

The Commelina flower lasts a day only, sometimes less, opening in the morning and disintegrating into a pulpy mess by the afternoon.

The shocking beauty, the allure, of efflorescence.

Maureen calls flowers “pretty genitalia on stems”.

I can’t show you the image or link to the image I have chosen because it is not cleared for sharing.  You will find it at

Oh, and Andy got back safely from the hostage siege. I am going to ask him to tell me about it.

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