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Maureen said: “You’re listless. Go and do something practical.”

She said she wanted a new phone system for the house. She wanted to be able to call from one room to another using a different tone from an incoming call and she had heard of a system that gave a different sound and even a different picture for each person calling.

I said she already had that on Skype, but she said that was different because it needed a laptop or an iPhone and landlines were cheaper and they were for a house not an individual.

So I looked around on the internet and looked at reviews about installing new phones  and in the end I chose one made by Gigaset which used to be Siemens – the S790-S795. I ordered an answer phone base unit with four handsets. There was a much better one but it cost over £300 and I thought that was far too much for a utility like a landline phone.

It arrived very promptly with a Made in Germany logo on it. As usual I tried to make it work without reading the guide and started to lose my temper. Eventually I calmed down and read the handbook and learned the display keys and the menus and it was OK. I selected the tones for the room-to-room calls and labelled the rooms on the handsets.

I even found out how you could add caller pictures for each person in the phone’s directory by downloading software from Gigaset.

I though about writing a review and uploading it to the site where I ordered it because they were very efficient, but I didn’t get round to it.

I enjoyed the work in the end, and it made me think about technology in the future. Guessing the technology future is fun.

If I am still alive in 2023,  will old-fashioned landline phones still be in use? It does seem strange to have a base unit which wirelessly links old-type landline phones and a broadband router that links new style cellphones and computers.

My new iPad has the Siri function. You can ask it questions like: “What films are showing in my area?” or “What an I doing tomorrow?”

I am thinking this will have developed to a whole new level in a decade.

We will probably be able to have extended conversations with whatever devices succeed the iPad and iPhone. You could get practical training in how to handle an argument, or how to negotiate, or how to flirt with someone.

Of course thousands of others have had a similar ideas and there are some very funny videos about Siri on YouTube.

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