A Summer Weekend in a Village

A village is a place where people from different walks of life live tougher in the countryside.

On a summer weekend they are pleased to be in this place, pleased to be together in it.

There are so many worse places.

Here lawns are cut in summer, tulips are planted in the autumn and many houses have a rose bower.

On a summer afternoon you can hear what people are doing. Someone is watching a Grand Prix. Their French windows are open.

At this time people sit out on garden chairs until late in the evening.

Sometimes the smell of a barbecue drifts across the hedges.

Philip’s car alarm sounds again. People smile. He’ll have to pause his TV and come out and fix it.

At the pub across from the retirement home people sit out on wooden benches.

When it’s dark they may see bats flitter past the windows of guest bedrooms.

Had you been out and about this afternoon, you might have seen these things….


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